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Interview with Ovidiu Săcuiu, Med Anima manager. About mental health and going to a psychologist.

The benefits of Transcranial Electrical Stimulation with HDCstim, at Med Anima. Interview with Dr. Irina Săcuiu.

About Transcranial Electrical Stimulation with HDCstim at Med Anima with Dr. Iuliana Fecioru

Therapy of phobias through virtual reality VR at Med Anima with Dr. Luminița Sârbu

Journey into the world of a person with dementia – Interview with Dr. Iuliana Fecioru

The role of the psychologist in the relationship with the client. Med Anima interview – Psychologist Oana Amaziliței.

An animated video explaining how depression feels inside.

Ww have prepared for you several videos that you may find useful: you can easily access them on our YOUTUBE channel by CLICK HERE.


As we know how hard it is for families to be with their loved ones on this exhausting journey, we’ve put together a guide for carers of people with dementia, which is meant to help, answer your questions and guide you in a way in which you will not neglect your own health.

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Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist, what do I choose?

Have you ever wondered where to turn when your mind and emotions seem to be in an endless maze? You are not alone! Understanding the differences between a psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist is key to knowing who to choose based on your specific needs. So, let’s solve this puzzle together!

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Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist, what do I choose?

Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist, what do I choose?

Psychologist, psychotherapist and psychiatrist, what do I choose?Mental health is a journey full of nuances and discoveries, and in this article we explore together the different roles that specialists play in this area. From psychologist to psychiatrist, everyone has...

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