Clinical psychology and psychodiagnostics

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The clinical psychology is a psychology branch which is applied in psychopathology, prophylaxis of disease, improving the intellectual and individual performances. The main goal of the clinical psychology is to establish the role of the psychological factors which are present both in normal life conditions or when a person has a mental illness. The study of these factors is made through a clinical examination which includes the clinical interview and psychological evaluation.

The psychological evaluation includes:

  • the psychodiagnosis
  • the interview (structured, semi structured, free)
  • psychological tests

The psychodiagnosis is a branch of psychology concerned with the use of tests in the evaluation of personality and the determination of the factors underlying human behavior. It includes:

  • the investigation and psychodiagnostics of mental illnesses
  • the psychological evaluation of the mental health
  • the evaluation of the cognitive and affective functions
  • the evaluation of human behavior
  • the simple evaluation of the personality and its coping mechanisms
  • the bio-physiological evaluation
  • the evaluation of the area where a person has psychological difficulties (family life, professional life or cultural life)
  • the psychological evaluation of family and couple relationships

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