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Pediatric Psychiatry Online

Near you and your child, wherever you are!

Your child deserves to lead a balanced life and get the help they need to reach their full potential. We believe that both you and your child deserve the best and that’s why we’re here to help – even when physical distance separates us.

It’s not easy being a parent! And we know that. We know that the health problems of young children are a great source of concern for older people, especially when it comes to psychiatric issues that have some associated social stigmas and fears that don’t make the process any easier. We are also here to dismantle them and help you understand that little ones can reach their full potential and live a happy life when they have the right help. Therefore, we offer you all the necessary resources to develop it even online.

Whereas approximately 75% of mental disorders identified in adults originate in childhoodand more specifically in adolescence, It is extremely important to understand that specialist support from a Paediatric Psychiatrist can be a real help to both your child and your whole family.

Clinical Pediatric Psychiatry - Med Anima

What questions can be answered in an online paediatric psychiatry session?

In the comfort and privacy of your own home, a relaxed conversation will be much easier to have. Astfe, you will be able to discuss with your paediatric psychiatrist – together with your child – some of the following:


– Is there treatment for my child’s problem?
– What are the chances of him getting better and living a normal life?
– Can my child inherit existing mental health problems in the family?
– What ways of intervention would be effective?
– What investigations should be followed?
– How should I behave with my child?
…and much more

What issues can be addressed online?

Online Paediatric Psychiatry sessions can often address the same issues as in the office:

  • Behaviour disorders in children or adolescents
  • Anxiety disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
  • Depression
  • Other paediatric mental disorders – diagnosis and treatment
  • Sleep and eating problems
  • Stress in children and adolescents
  • The risk of genetic transmission of certain mental health problems in the family (couple support through genetic testing)
  • Concerns about child development (behaviour, language, play, thinking)
  • Reducing the impact of a difficult period affecting the whole family (e.g. divorce, death in the family)

How can you prepare your child for their first paediatric psychiatry session online?

Children experience less anxiety when they know what to expect from their first visit to the doctor.

They may have certain concerns about seeing a doctor that you can prevent so that the appointment itself is not a stressor for your little one.

‼️ Remember that the discussion should be adapted to your child’s age, maturity and temperament.

Dr. Simina Berci – Specialist in Pediatric Psychiatry – Med Anima Clinic Timisoara

Over time, I have seen many children facing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, attention and behavioral disorders, autism disorders, learning disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, and many others. These children need specialized support to overcome their problems and build a happier and more balanced life.

Pediatric Psychiatrist Timisoara Hințiu Simina-Maria


We connect with you online or by phone and establish the details of the appointment:
• Date, time, and communication channel for the consultation
• The specialist with whom you will have the consultation
• Your contact details


We issue an invoice, and upon payment confirmation, the online consultation service becomes available.


At the scheduled time, on the agreed communication channel, the Med Anima specialist will be virtually present to conduct the scheduled consultation.

1. You can make an appointment by phone or online:

a. Phone Med Anima IAȘI: 0747 202 212; 0332 505 114 or phone Med Anima TIMIȘOARA: 0754 431 431; 0356 800 300
c. Using the form below

2. We confirm the appointment together we establish the time, day and psychotherapist for the appointment.

3. We establish the communication channel for the session (phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom) – together we choose how we will carry out the consultation: audio / video, by phone or another application. Also during this discussion, you will provide us with the necessary information for connection: phone number, email, Skype ID, etc.

4. We send the payment forms online – we will gather the necessary information to create the payment forms. The online consultation service becomes available after the payment is registered in our banking system.

5. We hold the psychotherapy session on the scheduled date and time At the previously established time, on the agreed communication channel, the Med Anima specialist is present with you virtually for the scheduled psychotherapy session.

6. We schedule the next psychotherapy sessions.


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