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Pediatric Psychiatry

It’s not easy being a parent! And we know that.

We know that the health problems of the young are a source of concern for the old, especially when we refer to problems in the psychiatric sphere – problems that have associated stigmas and social fears that put additional pressure on the healing process. We’re also here to help you understand that little ones can reach their full potential and live a happy life when they have the right help – both from within and outside the family

Although mental disorders are common among children, they often go undiagnosed. A recent study found that – globally – about 10% of children and adolescents have a mental health problembut the vast majority of them do not receive specialist help.

Stigma, limited access to mental health care, treatment costs and medication concerns are just some of the factors that prevent children from getting the proper care they need.

Whereas approximately 75% of mental disorders identified in adults originate in childhoodand more specifically in adolescence, It is extremely important to understand that specialist support from a Paediatric Psychiatrist can be a real help to both your child and your whole family.

We offer free paediatric psychiatry consultations under contract with the Health Insurance House (CAS)

Being a parent is not easy! And we know it. We know that children’s health problems are a source of concern for you. Today we try to take two worries off your shoulders: their mental health and the financial aspect related to it.

With Med Anima, the issuance of the A5 medical certificate (Certificate of physical and mental health) for children is done free of charge by our specialists.

In addition, for children, it is not necessary to present a referral from the family doctor for psychiatric consultation or specialized psychological services. You can simply make the appointment in our clinic! Contact us if you want to know more.

Clinical Pediatric Psychiatry - Med Anima

The most common mental disorders in children and adolescents

– Autism spectrum disorders.
– Speech disorders;
– Emotional disorders;
– Conduct disorders;
– Attachment disorder;
– Affective disorders (depression, anxiety, mania/hypomania);
– Attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder (ADHD)
– Attachment disorder.
– Learning disabilities;
– Anorexia or bulimia;

How is a paediatric psychiatry session conducted?

Psychiatric assessment

In all therapeutic approaches, it starts with an assessment – an important first step in determining a therapeutic plan for each individual child, based on their needs.

During the first meeting, the doctor will observe the child’s behaviour (in younger children, the interaction between the doctor and the child is based on play). This will enable the specialist to make an initial clinical assessment, including an examination of the child’s mental state, taking into account the interaction between the child and the parents.

In order to understand the mental health status of a child or adolescent, a comprehensive psychiatric assessment is often necessary. This can take several hours or several visits and often includes the following:

  • Overview of current issues, symptoms and concerns
  • Family health history (physical and mental) ;
  • Information about the child’s health, illness (physical and mental), treatment plans or medications;
  • Information about child birth, growth and development;
  • Information about the child’s school habits, friendships and close family relationships;
  • Interview with parents or guardians;
  • Laboratory tests such as blood tests, X-rays or special assessments.

How can you prepare your child for their first paediatric psychiatry session?

Children experience less anxiety when they know what to expect from their first visit to the doctor.

They may have certain concerns about seeing a doctor that you can prevent so that the appointment itself is not a stressor for your little one.

‼️ Remember that the discussion should be adapted to your child’s age, maturity and temperament.

Dr. Simina Berci – Specialist in Pediatric Psychiatry – Med Anima Clinic Timisoara

Over time, I have seen many children facing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, attention and behavioral disorders, autism disorders, learning disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, and many others. These children need specialized support to overcome their problems and build a happier and more balanced life.

Pediatric Psychiatrist Timisoara Hințiu Simina-Maria

Are you far from our clinics or do you find it difficult to visit us? There is also the option of an online consultation, where you and your child can talk to your paediatric psychiatrist from the comfort of your own home or from whatever environment is comfortable for you.

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