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Our specialists are with you wherever you are!

We are with you even when we are (physically) far away. Your healing journey shouldn’t be a lonely one. We can do all the steps together.

Sometimes it seems like everything around you is becoming increasingly difficult to bear. Each thing you go through seems to lead to an increase in your level of anxiety. Or sadness and helplessness. The emotions can become overwhelming.

We are here to inspire hope in the hearts of those who suffer from mental disorders. We know that this is truly helpful when you try to find the courage to ask for help – especially when the pain can’t be seen, but felt.

This is the first step towards healing. By actively focusing on mental health, this situation can be overcome without feeling depleted of resources.

To be there for our patients, we have dedicated a team of psychologists and psychotherapists for our online therapy service.

  • Unable to travel or find it difficult to?
  • You or a family member going through a tough time?
  • Been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition and need help about it?
  • Need support to cope with this stage of your life?

Even if you cannot visit us in the clinic, we can connect through online consultations using technology. We are just as dedicated, maintaining confidentiality and the quality of therapy.


We connect with you online or by phone and establish the details of the appointment:
• Date, time, and communication channel for the consultation
• The specialist with whom you will have the consultation
• Your contact details


We issue an invoice, and upon payment confirmation, the online consultation service becomes available.


At the scheduled time, on the agreed communication channel, the Med Anima specialist will be virtually present to conduct the scheduled consultation.

1. You can make an appointment by phone or online:

a. Phone Med Anima IAȘI: 0747 202 212; 0332 505 114 or phone Med Anima TIMIȘOARA: 0754 431 431; 0356 800 300
c. Using the form below

2. We confirm the appointment together we establish the time, day and psychotherapist for the appointment.

3. We establish the communication channel for the session (phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom) – together we choose how we will carry out the consultation: audio / video, by phone or another application. Also during this discussion, you will provide us with the necessary information for connection: phone number, email, Skype ID, etc.

4. We send the payment forms online – we will gather the necessary information to create the payment forms. The online consultation service becomes available after the payment is registered in our banking system.

5. We hold the psychotherapy session on the scheduled date and time At the previously established time, on the agreed communication channel, the Med Anima specialist is present with you virtually for the scheduled psychotherapy session.

6. We schedule the next psychotherapy sessions.


Online Psychotherapy Appointment Form

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People like to have options. Being able to choose allows us to feel at least somewhat in control and not guided by forces we can’t understand. When it comes to mental health issues, a patient should not be forced to stick with just one therapist because their insurance is not accepted by another or due to a lack of licensed counselors in their geographic area.

Even if a therapist is highly qualified, he/she and a certain patient may simply not be able to communicate meaningfully for various reasons, or the patient may request expertise in an area where the therapist is not experienced. Ultimately, you need to feel completely comfortable with someone if you’re going to tell them your most intimate thoughts and feelings. For these reasons and others, more and more people are turning to online therapy as an alternative.

BENEFITS of online psychotherapy:


In today’s culture, very few things remain private. We understand that there are situations in our lives where we need a greater need for a private setting. The reasons for online therapy can be numerous, but regardless of what they may be, therapy cannot work if you do not feel completely comfortable and safe. And sometimes, this may mean the comfort of your own bedroom. Discretion is an important decision-making factor for a good portion of people when choosing to begin therapy, so the most important thing is to find something that works for you.

Apart from billing information, there is no need to share personal information with an online service. This brings specialized support to the hands of many people who would otherwise be forced to face their problems alone.

Advantages for the patient

Not everyone can participate in weekly counseling sessions in an office, due to reasons ranging from work to transportation difficulties. Those who live in rural areas or do not have adequate transportation may not be able to reach the therapist’s office. On the other hand, online therapy can take the form of scheduled video conferences anytime, anywhere internet access is available if text therapy does not seem suitable.

Some suffering can require more resources than we have at a given time. Such circumstances can bring us to the point where we do not have the motivation to get out of bed on some mornings. It is even harder to get in the car and drive to a meeting in the city. This is one of the most common reasons why people who need therapy end up not getting the help they need. Being able to benefit from therapy from the comfort of your own home is a great benefit for some people.

Is online psychotherapy effective?

According to the American Psychological Association, one in four adults in the United States needs mental health counseling, but only 13% of these people receive some kind of treatment. The reasons may be money, stigma, support, transportation, or just lack of motivation. However, research shows that people who need treatment are more likely to get help when online therapy is available to them. Therefore, regardless of the availability of offices, if a person does not feel comfortable, they will not receive the help they need. Online therapy changes this aspect for many people. Additionally, a study by the University of California at Berkeley showed that patients who used online therapy had significant improvements in their mental health and well-being. The changes observed in those with depression showed that they had at least a seven-point improvement in their depression-fighting systems, according to the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9).

The truth is that people with mental health disorders sometimes don’t get help for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s because of high costs, sometimes it’s because they don’t think they need any help, and other people simply don’t have the time to find a good therapist nearby. Regardless of the cause, the importance of finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is undeniable. Reason why it is worthwhile to turn to any way that would help us in this regard. It’s up to each individual to find the best option for their own needs.

Online therapy is a big time saver

Online therapy is a big time saver, whether it’s video, text, instant messaging or email. We know that life can be chaotic. Too much time at work or school, time needed to take care of tasks at home, and time needed to relax and spend time with those around us. All of these already take up too much space in a normal day. An extra hour on the road is not an advantage and certainly ends up demanding more resources, both financial and physical.

Online psychotherapy services are very careful about selection to ensure that all therapists are truly qualified and licensed to the standards required by law. Research has indicated that online therapy can be just as effective as counseling in a traditional setting. Telepsychiatry makes essential care easier to access than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online psychotherapy effective?

Health researchers believe that online therapy works just as well as traditional in-person therapy. In some cases, online chat services and online counseling can even be more effective than traditional therapy.

Can you consult with a therapist anonymously?

Online services offer the option of anonymously establishing a therapeutic relationship with a therapist. When you sign up for your online mental health account, select the option to remain anonymous to use this preference.

Does therapy really work?

Yes! Psychotherapy works. Research shows that people who take part in therapy experience at least a 70% improvement in their life circumstances. E-therapy is one of the best sources of online help available to help people begin healing. A quick Google search will yield results for a variety of electronic therapy options. This includes the best online counseling sites and related methodology to help you make an informed decision.

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