Online Psychiatry Consultations

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We are here for you wherever you are because we know it’s important for you to start or continue treatment, to stay balanced, and to receive support on your journey towards a joyful life, beyond distances and physical limitations!

We connect with our patients and those who need us through online psychiatry consultations, just as involved as in a medical office, while maintaining the confidentiality of the therapeutic process. Distance cannot hinder the medical act, so we continue our mission online, ensuring that our patients receive psychiatric medical services and treatment no matter where they are.

When it comes to mental health conditions, interrupting treatment or the lack thereof (for those who are yet undiagnosed) has negative consequences for the patient, their mental well-being, and their progress. Online psychiatry consultations now play a decisive role in improving the lives of those dealing with mental disorders.

For this service, we have dedicated psychiatrists who provide online consultations, prescribe medication and establish treatment plans, write medical letters, and, upon request, send prescriptions to approved pharmacies together with the patient.


We get in touch, online or by phone, and determine the scheduling details:
🟣 Date, time, and communication channel for the consultation
🟣 The specialist with whom you will have the consultation
🟣 Contact information


We issue the invoice, and once the payment is confirmed or registered, the online consultation service becomes available.
In this step, you also send us your medical documents from your medical file.


At the scheduled time, on the agreed communication channel, the Med Anima specialist will be virtually present waiting for you to start the session.

1. Phone or online appointment:

a. Med Anima Clinic Iasi phone: 0747 202 212; 0332 505 114; Med Anima Clinic Timisoara phone: 0754 431 431; 0356 800 300;
c. Using the form below

2. Appointment confirmation – we will agree on the time, day, and specialist (psychiatrist) for your appointment.

3. Establishing the communication channel for the session (phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom) – we will establish together the right format for the consultation: audio/video, phone, or using any other app. During this discussion, you will provide the necessary contact details: phone number, email, Skype ID, etc.

4. Online submission of payment forms – we will gather the necessary information to create the payment forms. The online consultation service becomes available after the payment is registered in our banking system.

5. Sending existing medical documents to Med Anima, if applicable (tests, CT/MRI, etc.). If you have any medical documents necessary for the consultation, you will send them to the email

6. Conducting the consultation at the scheduled time and date. At the predetermined time, on the agreed communication channel, the Med Anima specialist will be present with you virtually for the scheduled consultation.

7. Online transmission of medical documents resulting from the consultation (prescription, treatment plan, medical letter, recommendations, etc.) by the doctor. The documents will be sent to your email address. Upon request, prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy where you will pick up your medication.

8. If you wish to reschedule, you will set up the details with the Med Anima scheduling department or your doctor.

ONLINE Psychiatry Consultation Appointment Form

Please fill in the details below to request an appointment. A member of the Med Anima team will contact you shortly after receiving the form to set up all the details of the appointment together.

The data provided in this form will be used exclusively to contact you regarding the message you sent. For more information about how we process the personal data you provide please visit our Privacy Policy page.

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Appointments in IAȘI:

0747 202 212 / 0332 505 114

Appointments in TIMIȘOARA:

0754 431 431 / 0356 800 300

Contact Iași:

Str. Străpungere Silvestru nr. 60, bl. CL11, sc. B, ground floor, Iași, county: Iași

Contact Belcești:

com. Belcești, B entrance, Bl. 4, county: Iași

Contact Timișoara:

Str. Simion Bărnuțiu nr. 34, Timișoara, county: Timiș

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