Hope… Help… Healing.

Med Anima.

We began our own journey in 2013, providing psychiatric medical services in rural areas, where patients had little or no access to such services. In two years we have brought many rays of light into the souls of patients and their families in that area. We changed mindsets about mental conditions and tried to destigmatize patients who were marginalized.

In 2015 we made the decision to grow more, keeping the same values as well as our specialization. We decided to implement these values in other areas, also aiming to become leaders in Romania in the field of neuropsychiatric conditions.

In 2023, a new stage in our development followed: the opening of a new Med Anima clinic in Timișoara – as we want to make the journey easier for those who need us. And we’re not just talking about the journey to healing, which you can do today easily and online, with our specialists. We are talking (literally) about car travel, about the physical proximity, safety and trust that it gives.

Starting from 2023 we are one more step closer to you!

About Med Anima clinic in Iasi

As we strive to become better every day, the opinion of patients is very important. to us. Therefore we have created a short questionnaire that we kindly ask you to fill in and tell us your opinion about the quality of services and the atmosphere in the clinic, but also share your thoughts on what we could do better.


Our goal is to be the best medical center dedicated to mental health in Romania and a promoter of innovations and research in the field.


Our mission is to improve the care and recovery of those who struggle with mental disorders by providing high-quality medical services in an environment ennobled by the passion for what we do and by the respect for the patient. We put the latest discoveries in the field at the patient’s service into hoping for a better life. Our objective is to become a national reference in the treatment of mental disorders by combining international standards and our domestic culture.


Our values underpin our thinking and actions, guide the way we work and the promise we make to our patients.

Our patient has value and deserves the best!
Respect – we believe in respecting the values and dignity of each person, we appreciate diversity and uniqueness, we embrace the idea that respect builds trust.
Partnership – we believe that teamwork makes us more efficient, we believe that each of us contributes to success, we encourage the patient and family to join our team by actively participating in the therapeutic process.
Professionalism – we believe in medical services based on ethics, scientific standards and best practices, education and continuous development, with the aim of finding the best solutions to improve the quality of life of our patients.
Dedication – we believe that dedication to what we do stimulates us to aspire higher and higher on behalf of our patients and collaborators, animates us in building strong, long-lasting relationships, strengthens our availability and ability to dedicate ourselves to our mission.

Appointments in IAȘI:

0747 202 212 / 0332 505 114

Appointments in TIMIȘOARA:

0754 431 431 / 0356 800 300

Contact Iași:

Str. Străpungere Silvestru nr. 60, bl. CL11, sc. B, ground floor, Iași, county: Iași

Contact Belcești:

com. Belcești, B entrance, Bl. 4, county: Iași

Contact Timișoara:

Str. Simion Bărnuțiu nr. 34, Timișoara, county: Timiș